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Employee Feature – Anna O’Neill

Employee Feature – Anna O’Neill

Get to know the wonderful people behind Landyachtz with the Employee Feature series. This week, team rider and sales rep Anna O’Neill!

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Anna O’Neill. I am from Calgary, AB. I have been riding for 12 years, racing for 11. My first board I ever had was the Landyachtz Urban Assault. I worked at Royal Board Shop for 4 years while competing in races every weekend. Now over a decade after stepping on a skateboard for the first time I moved to Vancouver and I am a sales rep at Landyachtz Longboards! I manage the western states.

What’s your favorite board?

My favourite board is the mini wolfshark.

Why the Mini Wolfshark?

I love the Mini Wolfshark because it’s a board that actually fits me (which is hard to find!). The concave is in the perfect place to lock me in and with a short enough wheelbase to dive and take the inside line of any corner. Even with my biggies on it’s a super light setup because of the hollow tech.

What’s your favorite riding style?


What your favorite skate spot?

Skating Norquay with all my friends in AB. I grew up skating that mountain, time for a trip home soon!

Follow Anna on Instagram – @annaoneill

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