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Rider Profile – Riley Harris

What’s up Riley Harris?!

It’s interview time here at Landyachtz!

Riley is a Calgary, Alberta native who ventured to the West Coast in search of bigger hills to bomb. He is a racer with too many favorite riders to name, and his favorite ice cream flavor: Rocky Road Rash. We shot him a couple questions so we could get to know everybody’s favorite blonde-in-green-leathers better.

Q: When did you start skateboarding?

Picked up my first board, a Landyachtz Chief pintail, in ’06.

Q: What got you into riding?

My brother is to blame for the life I lead now. He took on a special project in his high school shop class. One thing lead to another after stepping foot on his completed project, and snowballed from there.

Q: Favorite Trick?

Going really fast, then slowing down.

Q: Favorite spot to ride?

The Giants Head Freeride is on the top of the list.

Q: Best skate memory?

2015! My weekend at the Sullivan Challenge in Kimberly, BC in 2015. Brought with me my beautiful girlfriend, discovered some new amazing parts to the town, turned up super hard, and brought home the win.

Q: What’s your favorite Landyachtz?

The Dinghy!

Q: Favorite Food?

Chicken and yams, baby.

Q: Why do you skate?

It’s my passion. I can’t imagine doing anything else with myself. Skateboarding is the ultimate compliment to life. It makes everything better.

Q: Best quote you got?

Don’t Bash the Hustle. Oh, and be sure not to forget #rileyreels

Career Highlights


1st High Level Downhill 2008
3rd Vernon DH 2009 Juniors
3rd High Level Downhill 2009
2nd High Level Downhill 2010
3rd Vernon DH 2011 Open
3rd Giants Head 2011
3rd High Level Downhill 2011
3rd Rogue Race 2011
2nd Whistler Endurance 20k 2012
4th Giants Head 2012
1st High Level Downhill 2012
2nd Rogue Race 2012
2nd Danger Bay 2013
4th Vernon DH 2013
4th Kelowna Skylands 2013
1st Qualifier Whistler LB Fest 2013
2nd Sullivan Challenge 2013
2nd Giants Head 2013
3rd High Level Downhill 2013
2nd Rogue Race Endurance 2013
2nd IDF Tarma Peru 2013
2nd IDF El Morro Solar Peru
11th Overall IDF World Cup Open Category 2013
Numerous Outlaw wins and podiums
1st High Level DH 2014
1st Sullivan Challenge 2015
1st High Level Downhill 2015
1st Yardwaste Memorial 2015
1st OCHO DH Austin 2015
2nd Pikes Peak World Cup 2015o.

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