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Skatie Katie Chases Bricin Across America

Pretty much anyone who is familiar with the longboarding scene is familiar with Coast Longboarding and its founder, Bricin ‘Striker’ Lyons. Last year, Bricin bought a church in Nova Scotia to convert into a hostel and longboard museum and needed someone who could make the long trek to deliver his family vehicle while he drove with Patricia in the kids in the RV. With years of long haul training in the EH Team van under my belt, I set off on my way at 2am, Wednesday September 6th with one goal in mind: To beat Striker to the church, even though he had a 2 day head start on me.

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We started our journey on the I-90 heading east from Seattle. The area is in flames from forrest fires right now, so we stopped to take advantage of an interesting backdrop. I had just driven through the night and was really digging the way the smokey morning sky looked.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 4.23.25 PM

My old roommate Jessica is the co-pilot on this trip. We pushed through the day knowing I had some serious ground to cover to catch Bricin, but I was totally beat by the time we got to Spokane so we stopped into Paradigm Skate Supply and hung with Todd for a while. He’s super chill and if you’re lookin for skate stuff in eastern Washington, go see him.


I had a nap outside of Spokane but needed to get my legs moving a bit so we stopped in a cool town off the highway. Turns out Wallace, Idaho is a really awesome place to explore!


Next, We had a good time foolin around at the Billings skatepark. No real good skate shots were taken but i have to say, the Laguito is a blast to roll around on!


Like many good parks, Billings had shoes and broken boards strung up beside the park.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 4.24.50 PM

After getting some circulation back at the skatepark, I settled into the driver seat ready for a huge push behind the wheel. Knowing Bricin was still 12 hours ahead of me, I told Jessica to get what she needed because we aren’t stopping till the full tank is empty. I made the goal of making it to at least Sturgis, South Dakota, but we ended up going a little further to Rapid City instead. Easy to see why Montana is famous for its Big Sky!


Mt. Rushmore was our first real ‘tourist’ destination, it’s a beautiful area and seeing the monument really made us feel like we were making some good ground catching Bricin.


I stopped sleeping in the grass for a bit after seeing this sign when I woke up from a power nap. Back to sleeping on grass now.


Once I made it to Wisconsin, I tracked Bricin’s location and was delighted to see I finally got ahead of him. He is the red dot and we are the blue, but it was also night time and he is an absolute machine behind the wheel when it comes to long distance driving so, we’ll see how long i can keep this lead.

9Pretty m

Knowing we were ahead, I made the call to get a hotel room for the night in Milwaukee. They stop selling beers at 9pm in the state so we made it just in time to ask for a local made six pack… both Jessica and I recommend the appropriately named ‘two women’ Wisconsin brew.

So here we are, parked in Wisconsin enjoying a cold brew and hopeful we’ll keep this lead through Chicago, Detroit and back into Canada! We can finally slow our pace down a little and enjoy more than just major mileage on the road so check back and see what we get up to next!

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