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Not so Disposable Moments – Danger Bay

The Attack of Danger Bay is an annual event hosted by Coast Longboarding in Pender Harbor, British Columbia. This being the 16th Attack of Danger Bay, we wanted to make it a bit more memorable than in previous years. We sent four disposable cameras, with four different people to capture their quintessential Danger Bay moments.

Steven Vera

Riley Harris

Liam Mckenzie

Dave “Guff” Leslie

Each camera captures different moments throughout the weekend from different angles and perspectives, the photos tell the true story of what Danger Bay is about; friendship.

Pender Harbour is a small community nestled in the Sunshine Coast region of BC. Inaccessible by road, the first leg of any trip to the coast starts with a quick boat ride from Horseshoe Bay, across the Howe Sound inlet, docking at the Langdale terminal. From there it’s about 60km to Pender Harbour.

This is an event that realistically hosts no boundaries, you can show up whenever you want, riding whatever you want. Some choose to pack vans full of their best friends and drive out, while others prefer the more personal challenge of riding their bikes through the rolling hills of the BC coast.

Everyone eventually ends up at the campground at some point throughout the weekend, not only because it is a great place to stay, but because it is a staple in the Danger Bay experience. The campsite has been revered as the party of the year among longboarders, a host to punk shows, freak shows, board games and drinking games.

The Attack of Danger Bay is more than just a Longboard event, it is a full fledged festival, from several nights of campground parties, to parades, to city markets, longboard hockey, slide jams and races. If you arrive on Saturday, you will find some of the beautiful crafts from the local vendors, great food, and a variety of different floats rolling through the crowded parade followed by games of longboard hockey and a slide jam under the sun.

As the day continues and night approaches, people make their way back to the campsite for another night of loose fun.

Throughout the night we spiced things up with some contests such as Riley’s Hand on the Van contest, and then premiered our new Get in the Van 2 movie (which was amazing, Guff killed it, you need to see it.)

Sunday Sunday Sunday.

Sunday is the big day, everyone who actually slept on Saturday night wakes up early and makes their way over to the race hill. This race is not so much about the hill as it is about the competitive nature of the racers themselves. Throughout the sixteen years of existence, the Danger Bay podium has been one of the worlds most sought after, being fought over by locals and world champions alike.

Though, the past few years have featured the business class, an event where you can only race if you have a suit and briefcase; business formal attire only.

Big shout outs to some of our team riders for their respective wins

Anna O’neill – Womens Class Champ

Billy Meiners – Masters Class Champ

Riley Harris – Business Class 2nd place

As the race ends, attendees head back to the campsite for the last and biggest party of the weekend. Have you ever seen someone Swallow Swords then ask for tips to be stapled to his body? how about a punk band spray painting their logo on peoples butts? if not, Sunday night at Danger Bay is where you can experience all of that chaos and more.

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