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Get in the Van – Menlo Park Slide Jam 2016

Last week, the Landyachtz crew (See above) loaded up the Bear Trucks van and debarked from Los Angeles for the 2016 Menlo Park Slide Jam put on by Black Diamond Sports. In the van for this trip would be  Zach Keller, David Rudgers, David Petrie, and Nick Hurley. Joining us for the trip as photographer would be none other than Max Dubler.

-Stephen Vaughn

Menlo park is a suburb of Palo Alto in the San Francisco bay area. That is to say, a good 8 hour drive from LA when operating at Van Time. To break up the driving a little we decided to hit downhill runs before staying in Santa Cruz for the night. We traded Chubbs an Evo for couch space. (Thanks Chubbs!)

The next morning, we headed out for the slide jam. The Menlo Park slide jam is held on a beautiful hill for slide jam. Perfect pavement, decently steep, and mildly turny for long slides. In keeping with tradition of prior Menlo Slide Jams, ramps played a key part in the event. A steep launch ramp up top and a tabletop kicker in the middle of the hill provided ample entertainment for the crowd.

Me doing the usual launch ramp tricks.

Me paying for the usual launch ramp tricks.

Nick ended up getting 5th place in the open slide jam, despite taking this brutal fall on a 270 check attempt. He was still limping when I took him to the airport 5 days later.

After the open slide jam, the festivities moved down the hill for the start of the longest slide competitions. Being that the hill was pretty turny, especially towards the bottom, there were two different starting points for Regular and Goofy foot riders.

Nick skated his Loco all day, and ended up taking Longest Toeside on it!

David Petrie was all smiles and fun as he backed his way around the bottom corner.

David Rudgers hung out with me during the longest slide comps, but during the open comp, he was ripping with his usual silky smooth and composed style.

After the jam wrapped up, we made our way into San Francisco proper for some Sunset runs and a night on the town.

Nick feeling the aftereffects of the slide jam and the aforementioned “night on the town” I don’t think the coffee had much effect.

The next day was spent skating around the city, taking in as much lifestyle as we could before making the long drive back to LA. Upon arrival everyone promptly passed out to catch up on the loss of sleep characteristic of classic LY skate trips.


Words: Stephen Vaughn

Photos: Max Dubler

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