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Quick Recap – Mat Rossi at the Bolsterson Outlaw

Last weekend I went up to Bolsterstone for a British Downhill Skateboard League event along with organisers Tom Campbell and Sion Hughes and our pilot Bodhi Keen. We had fun, check it out !

At 4AM my alarm rang for me to get up, I got ready, grabbed my bags and headed to Tom’s place who was supposed to be making breakfast for Bodhi and I before a 5 hour drive up to Sheffield. It was raining like hell and he was still sleeping so I managed to throw some old bottle cap at his window and get him up. 20 minutes later Bodhi got to Tom’s place and we were off. On the way there we stopped for some breakfast, picked up Sion on the way and did some shopping for prizes and lunch.

When we got to the hill we were surrounded by typical British farmland, mist and freezing weather, luckily though the hill was dry and everyone was stoked on the event to come. We took a couple of warm up runs and I got to meet some of the UK’s best downhill skateboarders like Pete Connolly, Aaron Skippings and Ras from BTR to name a few. The hill wasn’t very fast but rather technical with a lot of tight corner. I wasn’t feeling comfortable with the track during the first runs but slowly got the hang of it.

By the time racing started I was feeling rather confident. Racing was organised by Dan Shinnie, the man behind Boardlogic, and was 1 vs 1 format with the first person down making it through. Heats were made up according to BDSL ranking however, as I just moved to the UK 3 weeks ago, my ranking was nonexistent.

My first heat was therefore against Ras, the owner of BTR Leathers, a super solid skater, and overall sick dude who was ranked 2nd in the UK before this weekend. Unfortunately he beat me down the hill after some missed opportunities on my part to pass him, the finish was rather tight with him only a board’s length away from me. After that run I was out from racing but still took a bunch of freeride runs behind racers.

Final finish was Pete Connolly in first place after some close racing with Bodhi Keen, Ras in third position and Oscar Taylor in 4th position. Freeride runs were super sick, Dan took some sick clips with his DJI Osmo cam that you can check out here ( https://www.facebook.com/Boardlogic/videos/609481059231854/ ) and it was overall just a super chilled out, fun day of skating, lurking and racing.

Can’t wait for the next Brianne Collective event ! Shoutouts to Tom, Sion and Rye for spotting and securing the road and overall organizing a super sick event. Also Bodhi for driving us there and Dan for organizing racing !

Photos : Area One

Brianne Collective FB Page : Brianne Collective

British Downhill Skateboarding League : https://www.facebook.com/TheBDSL/?fref=ts Current rankings :Brianne Collective

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